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The XMM-Newton Image Gallery is a collection of astronomical images and spectra taken with the XMM-Newton X-ray and optical instruments along with other XMM-Newton related images.
The U.S. XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility (GOF) maintains a collection of EPIC images that have been created using the ESAS tasks in SAS.

Additional images and videos related to XMM-Newton are also available from the ESA Science & Technology, Images and Videos Archive and the ESA Multimedia Gallery.

Latest Images A colored deep mosaic of the SNR RX J1713.7-3946X-ray view of the massive colliding wind binary HD149404Scorpius X-1 off-axisXMM-Newton Regards the Starburst-AGN Galaxy NGC 4945Inflating bubbles with the jet feedback mechanism in R AquariiXMM-Newton image of XMM-LSSXMM-Newton image of XMM-LSSXMM-Newton image of ELAIS-S1

Solar Systems (13)
Planets (8)
Comets (5)
Tempel 1  Mars  Jupiter  C/1999 T1  C/1999 T1  more >
Stars (62)
Star Forming Regions (21)
Normal Stars (12)
Nebulae (12)
Stellar Clusters (17)
Jupiter Nebula  EQ Peg  S308  Stellar Clusters observed with XMM-Newton  YSOs  more >
Endpoints of Stellar Evolution (94)
Supernovae (8)
Supernova Remnants (43)
White Dwarfs & Novae (11)
Neutron Stars & Pulsars (19)
Black Holes (1)
X-ray Binaries & Transients (12)
SN 1979C  OY Car  Supernova  SN200ap  PSR B1929+10  more >
Galaxies (48)
Centre of the Milky Way (7)
Galactic Surveys (0)
Normal Galaxies (20)
Starburst Galaxies (21)
NGC 253  M101  M31  M81  NGC 1313  more >
Active Galactic Nuclei (28)
Radio Galaxies (11)
Blazars & BLLac (0)
Seyfert Galaxies (12)
Quasars (5)
NGC 3516  QSO SDSS 1044-0125  NGC 4258  M87  ESO 198-G24  more >
Interaction of Galaxies (47)
Interacting Galaxies (7)
Groups of Galaxies (7)
Clusters of Galaxies (33)
Stephan's Quintet  HCG 016  2A 0335 096  REFLEX-DXL Clusters  Coma Cluster  more >
Cosmology (23)
Extragalactic Surveys (18)
Deep Fields (5)
X-ray Background (0)
Variety of Sources  Daddi field  Lockman Hole  Large Scale Structure Survey  Deep Field  more >
Miscellaneous (12)
Gamma-ray Bursts (7)
Other (5)
SDSS J1004+4112  GRB 031203  Gamma-ray burst  GRB011211  more >
XMM-Newton (54)
Artistic Views (6)
Spacecraft (10)
Mirrors (5)
EPIC (3)
RGS (2)
OM (2)
Conferences (26)
XMM-Newton Launch  XMM-Newton Spacecraft  EPIC-pn  EPIC-MOS  Reflection Grating Array  more >
The Underlying Physics (14)
Plasma Diagnostics (3)
Fe Kα (2)
Relativistic Lines (4)
Cyclotron Lines (1)
Quasi-periodic Oscillations (4)
1E1207.4-5209  Relativistic Iron Lines  Relativistic Lines from Accretion Discs  AB Dor  M82  more >

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The XMM-Newton Gallery in Google Earth

The XMM-Newton Gallery can also be displayed in the latest version of Google Earth.
You will have to download the KMZ file xmm_gallery.kmz.
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The "images" Script

A script calling tasks from the Science Analysis System(SAS) to help in producing attractive multi-energy band images using and merging data from the three EPIC cameras is available here.