XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity: Policies and Procedures

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5.1 Remote Proposal System of XMM-Newton

Proposals in response to this Announcement of Opportunity have to be submitted electronically. A two phase submission process will be applied:

Phase 1:
In response to the call all proposals have to be sent using the Remote Proposal System (RPS). These proposals must contain the scientific justification and some observing details such as target coordinates, scientific prime instrument, and total required observation duration (including the overhead time of the prime instrument). The instructions for using RPS are available online.
Phase 2:
PIs of observation(s) accepted by OTAC, will have to provide full observation details. This has to be done using the XMM-Newton Proposal Submission Subsystem (XRPS). Instructions and details will be provided via e-mail together with the information about the OTAC decision. Observations for which a PI fails to provide the required observation details in due time will not be performed.

European Space Agency - XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre