XMM-Newton Announcement of Opportunity: Policies and Procedures

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7.3.1 Observing Time Allocation Committee

All proposals will be reviewed by the OTAC. It is headed by a chairperson and it consists of panels for each of the following scientific categories:

  1. Stars, White Dwarfs, Solar System, and Exoplanets
  2. White Dwarf Binaries, Neutron Star Binaries, Cataclysmic Variables, ULXs and Black Holes
  3. Supernovae, Gamma-Ray-Bursts, Gravitational Wave Events, Supernova Remnants, Diffuse (Galactic) Emission and Isolated Neutron Stars
  4. Active Galactic Nuclei, Quasars, BL-Lac Objects and Tidal Disruption Events
  5. Galaxies, Groups of Galaxies, Clusters of Galaxies and Superclusters
  6. Cosmology, Extragalactic Deep Fields and Large Extragalactic Areas

Proposals submitted to category 6 will be evaluated by the panels of category 4 or 5 depending on the main topic of the proposal. Proposals, which were submitted to a wrong scientific category, will be moved to the correct scientific category by the SOC on a best effort basis.

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