XMM-Newton Data Files Handbook

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5.3.3 Scope: emos

There will be two instances of each of these files, one for each MOS camera.

Calibration type: ADUConv
Description: Conversion factors of the digitised signal to pulse invariant, and further to observed energy units (keV), not accounting for charge transfer efficiency, GATTI and redistribution

Calibration type: Background
Description: Calibrated event list of low background data

Calibration type: BadPix
Description: Table of dead/hot/flickering pixel

Calibration type: CalSourceData
Description: Spectrum and intensity maps of the on-board calibration sources (Not yet available)

Calibration type: Contamination
Description: MOS contamination correction

Calibration type: CTI
Description: Average charge transfer inefficiency values for the relevant clock shifts, needed to calculate the charge loss as a function of event coordinates and observing mode

Calibration type: DarkFrame
Description: Average dark image and raw/column offset vectors

Calibration type: Efficiency
Description: EPIC MOS to RGS effective area ratio

Calibration type: FilterTransX
Description: Filter (X-ray) transmission curves. Includes coefficients to characterise spatial distribution as a function of stepper motor position

Calibration type: HKParmInt
Description: Housekeeping parameter ranges used to generate good time intervals

Calibration type: LinCoord
Description: Contains the transformation matrix to convert CCD pixel coordinates into angular and linear offsets from the boresight

Calibration type: ModeParam
Description: Provides the most important fixed parameters for the observation modes

Calibration type: PatternLib
Description: EPIC MOS pattern library

Calibration type: QuantumEf
Description: Spatially varying CCD quantum efficiency

Calibration type: Redist
Description: Analytical model for the CCD energy redistribution

Calibration type: TimeCorr
Description: Time offset correction to convert spacecraft time stamps to mean photon absorption time

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