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8 Pipeline data products: PPS

Extensive documentation of the PPS products for a given observation can be found in the associated index file in html format, named INDEX.HTM, which is delivered in the same directory. It allows manoeuvring through the entire set of files with explanations of purpose and content of each file. A complete general description of the PPS products is given in [7]. Here, only a quick overview is given.

Pipeline data product filenames consist of up to 27 characters, followed by a '.' (dot), followed by 3 characters. All characters are upper case. The filenames take the 27.3 character form:

The descriptions of each of the filename fields are listed in Table 37.

Table 37: Pipeline product filenames
Field Description
  P PPS product files
  C 2XMM catalogue-specific files
obsidentif The observation identifier, 10 digit: PPPPPPOOLL
  PPPPPP the identifier of the proposal that contains the obs.
  OO identifier of the observations within the proposal
  LL extended identifier (usually 01)
  Notes: For slews the first of the six P is '9'
    For pseudo ODF components of mosaic pointings, the values of LL
    assume values (30+x), where x is the number of the mosaic pointing.
II The instrument, or data source, identifier
  OM optical monitor
  R1 RGS-1
  R2 RGS-2
  RG RGS combined
  CA Catalogue cross-correlation
  OB Observation
U Exposure flag (1 character)
  S scheduled
  U unscheduled
  X not applicable
EEE The exposure number within the observation
    '000' means that the file does not correspond to an exposure period
    '9XX' is used for diagnostic Q dumps (RGS spectroscopy+Q)
TTTTTT The product type (6 digits)
  3COLIM EPIC three-colour image (FIT,PNG)
  ATTTSR Attitude Time Series (FTZ)
  BGMODL RGS Background Model (FTZ)
  BGSPEC EPIC Source Background Spectrum (FTZ, if II=[M[1,2], PN])
  BGSPEC RGS Source Background Spectrum (FTZ, if II=R[1,2])
  BKGMAP EPIC Merged Background Map (FTZ,PNG)
  CALIND Calibration Index File (FTZ)
  CATPLT Catalogue Plot (PDF)
  CDSLG1 CDS Logo 1
  CDSLG2 CDS Logo 2
  CDSLG3 CDS Logo 3
  DETMSK EPIC Detection Mask (one per instrument per band, FTZ,PNG)
  DSPHIS RGS Cross-Dispersion Histogram (FTZ)
  DXXXXA$^{1,3}$ Catalogue Descriptors (HTM)
  EVENLI RGS Event List (FTZ)
  EXPMAP EPIC Exposure Map (FTZ,PNG, if II=[M[1,2], PN])
  EXPMAP Slew step Exposure Map (FTZ, only PN)
  EXPMAP RGS Exposure Map (FTZ, if II=R[1,2])
  FBKTSR EPIC Flare Background Timeseries (FTZ,PNG, if II=[M[1,2], PN]))
  FBKTSR RGS Flare Background Timeseries (FTZ,PDF, if II=R[1,2])
  FCHART Finding Chart (PDF)
  FIMAG_ OM Full-Frame Image (FTZ)
  FLATFLD OM Flatfield (FTZ)
  FLUXED RGS Fluxed Spectrum (FTZ,PDF)
  FOVRES EPIC Field Of View Cross-Correlation Results (HTM)
  FOVSUM EPIC Field Of View Cross-Correlation Summary (HTM, FTZ)
  FSIMAG OM Full-Frame Sky Image (FTZ,PNG)
  FYYYYA$^{2,3}$ EPIC Field Of View Cross-Correlation Results (FTZ)
  GIMAGE OM Grism-Aligned (spectra vertical) Image (FTZ,PNG)
  HSIMAG OM Full-Frame Hires Sky Image Mosaic (FTZ,PNG)
  HSISWS OM Full-Frame Hires Source List Mosaic (FTZ,ASC)
  IMAGEF OM Fast Mode OSW Image (FTZ)
  IMAGE_ EPIC Image (FTZ,PNG, if II=[M[1,2], PN])
  IMAGE_ Slew step Image (FTZ, only PN)
  IMAGE_ OM OSW Image (FTZ, if II=OM)
  IMAGE_ RGS Image (FTZ,PNG, if II=R[1,2])
  LSIMAG OM Full-Frame Low-Res Sky Image Mosaic (FTZ,PNG)
  LSISWS OM Full-Frame Low-Res Source List Mosaic (FTZ,ASC)
  MEXPMP EPIC exposure-merged exposure map (FTZ)
  MIEVLI EPIC MOS Imaging Mode Event List (FTZ)
  OBKGMP EPIC Observation Background Map (FTZ,PNG)
  OBLSLI EPIC Observation Box-Local Source List (FTZ)
  OBMSLI EPIC Observation Box-Map Source List (FTZ)
  OBSMLI EPIC Summary Source List (FTZ,HTM, if II=[M[1,2], PN])
  OBSMLI OM Observation Source List (FTZ, if II=OM)
  OBSMOS OM Observation Source List Mosaic (FTZ,ASC)
  OEXPMP EPIC Observation Exposure Map (FTZ,PNG)
  OFTPRT EPIC ASC footprint region (ASC)
  OIMAGE EPIC Observation Image (FTZ,PNG)
  OMSRLI EPIC Observation ML Source List (FTZ)
  OMSSLI EPIC FITS summary source list file for slew data (FTZ)
  ORDIMG RGS Energy-Dispersion Image (FTZ,PNG)
  OSNSMP EPIC Observation Sensitivity Map (FTZ)
  PIEVLI EPIC PN Imaging Mode Event List (FTZ)
  PIEVLI Slew single raw event list (FTZ, only PN)
  PINDEX PPS Product Index (FTZ)
  PPSMSG PPS Run Message (ASC)
  PPSSUM PPS Run Summary (HTM)
  REFCAT USNO, 2MASS and SDSS Ref. Catalogues for EPIC field (FTZ)
  REGION EPIC Source DS9 Regions (ASC)
  RSIMAG OM Rudi-5 Sky Image Mosaic (FTZ,PNG)
  RSISWS OM Rudi-5 Source List Mosaic (FTZ,ASC)
  RSPMAT RGS Response Matrix (FTZ)
  SBSPEC RGS Source Spectrum without Background subtraction (FTZ)
  SCRLOG PPS Script Log (ASC)
  SFSREG OM OSW Fast Region File (ASC)
  SFSRLI OM OSW Fast Source List (FTZ)
  SGSREG OM Grism DS9 Regions (ASC)
  SGSRLI OM OSW Grism Source List (0th and 1st orders; FTZ)
  SIMAGF OM Fast Mode OSW Sky Image (FTZ,PNG)
  SLEVLI Slew step event list file (FTZ, only PN)
  SPCPLT EPIC Source Spectrum Plot (PDF)
  SPCPLP (X=C) EPIC source spectrum (PNG)
  SPCREG OM Grism DS9 Spectrum Regions (0th and 1st orders; ASC)
  SPECLI OM Grism Spectra List (for target only; FTZ)
  SPECTR OM Grism Source Spectrum (FTZ,PDF)
  SRCARF EPIC Ancillary Response Function (FTZ)
  SRBTSR RGS Background Timeseries (FTZ)
  SRCHD_ Searched Catalogues (FTZ, HTM)
  SRCIMG (X=C) EPIC source thumbnail (total band, PNG)
  SRCIMW (X=C) EPIC location image (total band, PNG)
  SRCLI_ RGS Source List (FTZ)
  SRCREG EPIC Source DS9 Region (ASC)
  SRCRES EPIC sources Cross-Correlation results (HTM)
  SRCSUM EPIC Source Cross-Correlation Summary (FTZ, HTM)
  SRCTSR EPIC Source Timeseries (FTZ)
  SRCTSR RGS Source Timeseries (FTZ)
  SRSPEC EPIC Source Spectrum (FTZ, if II=[M[1,2], PN])
  SRSPEC RGS Background-subtracted Source Spectrum (FTZ,PDF, if II=R[1,2])
  SSCLG1 SSC Logo 1 (PNG)
  SSCLG2 SSC Logo 2 (PNG)
  STSPLT EPIC/RGS Source Timeseries Plot (PDF)
  STSPLS (X=C) Instrument-specific time series plot (PNG)
  SUMMAR EPIC Observation Summary (HTM)
  SUMMAR OM Observation Summary (HTM)
  SUMMAR PPS Observation Summary (HTM)
  SUMMAR RGS Observation Summary (HTM)
  SWSREG OM OSW Region File (ASC)
  SWSRLI OM OSW Source List (FTZ)
  SXXXXA$^{1,3}$ EPIC Source Cross-Correlation Results (FTZ)
  TIEVLI EPIC Timing Mode Event List (FTZ)
  TIMESR OM OSW Source Timeseries (FTZ,PDF)
  TSHPLT OM Tracking History Plot (PDF)
  TSTRTS OM Tracking Star Timeseries (FTZ,PDF)
  UNFDAT EPIC unfiltered FITS image (slew only) (FTZ)
  USIMAG OM User Windows Sky Image Mosaic (FTZ,PNG)
  USISWS OM User Windows Source List Mosaic (FTZ,ASC)
  WFSPEC RGS Whole-field Spectrum (FTZ,PDF)
  WREMAT RGS Whole Field Response Matrix (FTZ)
  XCORRE Main Cross Correlation Page (HTM)
S Data subset number (1 character, differentiates energy bands, OM science windows, etc.)
    Taken from the OM science window id for OM products at the OM science window level
    Taken from the OM science window id for OM products at the individual source level
    Taken from the EPIC band for EPIC products at the observations, exposures and
    individual source level
    Taken from the RGS order for RGS products at the individual source level
XXX Source number or slew step number (3 characters, hexadecimal)
ZZZ File format (3 characters)
  ASC ASCII file
  FTZ Gzipped FITS file
  HTM HTML file
  PDF PDF file
  PNG Portable Network Graphics file
$^1$XXXX will take values according to the names of the ($\sim 100$) catalogues searched
$^2$YYYY will take different values according to the names of the ($\sim 15$) catalogues searched
$^3$A will take value T if the results are drawn from a table, and A, B, C, etc. to represent real catalogue numbers

No PPS products are generated for exposures, where "non-scientific" modes are employed. They include, e.g., CAL_CLOSED and CLOSED filters for the EPIC cameras or BLOCKED filter and engineering modes for the OM. Intermediate products are also not delivered, e.g., the OM fast mode events file. PPS and SSC products files are summarised in Table 38.

Table 38: Pipeline product files
Product Format Nr.$^a$ Notes
Observation summary product
Observation summary HTML 1  
Attitude time series FITS 1  
OM products
Science window image FITS WE  
Science window sky image FITS WE Rotated and rebinned to North-aligned sky coordinates
Science window source time series FITS SWE Only for FAST mode
Science window source time series plot PDF SWE Created from above
Tracking star time series FITS 1  
Tracking star time series plot PDF 1 Created from above
Science window source list FITS WE  
Observation source list FITS 1 Merging of the above
Grism spectra FITS SWE Images, source lists, and spectra
Tracking history plot PDF 1 Vector diagram of the spacecraft jitter
Mosaiced image source list FITS, ASC B Source lists and regions
Summary page HTML 1  
EPIC products
Raw image FITS C  
Unfiltered Image FITS 1 Slew only
Annotated raw image PNG C Created from the above, with sky grid, came-
      ra, energy band, and observation identifiers
Observation image FITS 1 Exposure-corrected. Data from all
      cameras operating in IMAGE mode
Observation image plot PNG 1 Created from above
Exposure map FITS CB  
Sensitivity map FITS 1 The same as above at the observation level
EPIC three-colour image FIT,PNG 1 Combining all IMAGING mode data from
      all EPIC cameras; not for slew data.
Source time series FITS SB 1 per unconfused, bright ($>100$ counts)
      source in the 0.1-0.5, 0.5-2.0,
      and 2.0-10.0keV energy bands
Source time series plot PDF SB Created from above
Source FFT plot PDF SB Created from each source light curve
Global background time series FITS EB FOV time series, after masking
      the detected point sources
Source spectrum FITS SC 1 per unconfused, bright source
Source background spectrum FITS SC 1 for each of the above
Source spectrum plot PDF SC Background-subtracted and exposure-corrected
Observation box-local source list FITS 1 Sources detected by running eboxdetect
      (``local'' mode) on the entire EPIC exposures
Observation box-map source list FITS 1 Sources detected by running eboxdetect
      (``map'' mode) on the entire EPIC exposures
Observation ML source list FITS 1 Sources detected by running emldetect
      on the entire EPIC observation
Summary source list FITS 1
Summary source list HTML 1
MOS IMAGING mode event list$^b$ FITS E
PN IMAGING mode event list$^b$ FITS E
TIMING mode event list$^c$ FITS E
Summary page HTML 1
RGS products
Image FITS E Wavelength vs. cross-dispersion angle
Image plot PNG E Created from above
Energy-dispersion image FITS E PI vs. cross-dispersion angle
Energy-dispersion image plot PNG E Created from above
Exposure map FITS E In wavelength vs. cross-dispersion angle
Source spectrum FITS S$^d$ With and without background subtraction. For the brightest
      point source. 1st and 2nd dispersion order
Background spectrum FITS S$^d$ One for each of the above spectra
Background model spectrum FITS S$^d$ Expected background spectrum
Cross-dispersion histogram FITS    
Spectrum plot PDF S Background-subtracted, with wavelengths and energy scales
Event list FITS E
Source list FITS E EPIC-detected bright sources in the RGS FOV
Whole field spectrum FITS S$^d$ Spectrum of the whole FOV, without background subtraction. For first and second order.
Response matrix FITS S$^d$ Response matrix for the brightest point source. For first and second order.
Whole field response matrix FITS S$^d$ Response matrix for the whole FOV. Only for first order.
Source timeseries FITS S$^d$ Background-subtracted source timeseries for the brightest point source. First and second order together.
Timeseries plot PDF S$^{d}$ Created from above
Background timeseries FITS S$^d$ Background timeseries.
Summary page HTML 1
Catalogue and archive products$^e$
Main CC page HTML 1
Searched catalogues HTML 1
Catalogue description HTML 1
Source raw position cross- FITS 1
correlation results      
Source cross-correlation summary FITS 1
Source cross-correlation results HTML 1
Source cross-correlation results HTML 1
Find chart PDF 1
FOV summary HTML 1 All SIMBAD and X-ray catalogued objects in the FOV
FOV summary     Same as above
FOV cross-correlation results HTML T
FOV cross-correlation results FITS T
Catalogue plot PDF 1
XMM-Newton/ROSAT image PDF 1 EPIC source position and flux contours
      overlaid over a ROSAT image
PPS run products
Script log ASCII 1
Run message ASCII 1
Run summary HTML 1
Index HTML G
Product index FITS 1
Calibration index file FITS 1 Index file for the CCF
SSC logo 1 PNG 1 Image of the XMM-Newton telescope front end
SSC logo 2 PNG 1 Graphic with the words ``XMM-Newton SSC''
CDS logo 1 PNG 1 Graphic with the word ``NED''
CDS logo 2 PNG 1 Graphic with the word ``Vizier''
CDS logo 3 PNG 1 Graphic with the word ``Simbad''
XMM-Newton logo 1 PNG 1
ESA logo 1 PNG 1
XID products
Observation summary HTML 1
Reduced image FITS   Flatfielded, bias- and dark frame-corrected, filtered image
Reduced image plot PNG   North-aligned image of the field containing the target,
      with EPIC flux contours and source boxes overlaid
Fluxed spectrum FITS  
Fluxed spectrum plot PDF   Created from above
Finding chart PNG S
Magnitude table FITS  
Magnitude table HTML   Created from above
Index HTML G
$^a$If an integer, number of product files per observations. Otherwise: ``S'' $=$ 1 file per source; ``W'' $=$ 1 file per OM science window; ``E'' $=$ 1 file per exposure; ``C'' $=$ 1 file per camera; ``B'' $=$ 1 file per energy band; ``T'' $=$ 1 file per catalogue; ``G'' $=$ 1 file per product group
$^b$for IMAGING mode exposure only
$^c$for TIMING mode exposures only
$^d$2 files per brightest source in the RGS FOV
$^e$files in this group refer to the EPIC, if not specified otherwise

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