XMM-Newton Science Analysis System: User Guide

5.8 Rerunning the RGS processor rgsproc

Figure 44: The rgsproc home page in the SAS on-line help system, showing the six stages which form the possible start and end points of RGS data analysis.
As many of the quality checks described above can only be done after an initial run of rgsproc, a decision will be often be made to rerun the analysis with some adjustments. It might not be necessary to rerun the whole of rgsproc, which is divided into six different stages that are alternative entry and exit points. Fig. 44 lays out how individual tasks are grouped within the six stages. For example, the background GTI file made above would properly be incorporated at the filter stage as follows

 rgsproc auxgtitables=RGS2.background.GTI.FITS \
          entrystage=3:filter finalstage=6:lightcurve

A similar approach could be used to generate spectra as a function of intensity using the source light curve of Fig. 48. Other examples involving further runs of rgsproc for multiple or extended sources are discussed below.

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