XMM-Newton Users' Group Meeting Agenda, 6-7 May 2009

 1. Welcome M. Arnaud
 2. Adoption of the agenda All
 3. Overall Mission status A. Parmar
 4. Instrument operations R. Munoz
 5. Report of the Project Scientist N. Schartel
 6. Loss of Contact / New Operation P. Rodriguez
 7. Background I. de la Calle
 8. Calibration
     8.1 EPIC Calibration Status
     8.2 RGS Calibration Status
     8.3 OM Calibration Status
     8.4 Cross-calibration Status
           - cross-calibration within XMM-Newton
           - with other missions
M. Guainazzi
A. Pollock
A. Talavera
M. Stuhlinger
 9. SAS and WEB SAS developments C. Gabriel
10. SSC status M. Watson
11. Action items from last meeting M. Ehle
12. Input from the community Mission Scientists   
13. General Discussion/AOB All
14. Dedicated Discussion UG
15. Date and time of next meeting UG