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omfchain (omfchain-1.43.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]

Fast chain tasks

The Fast chain works in the following way:

The following tasks are used by the Fast chain:

Task Input files (coming from the step No.) Output files (going to)
1 omprep in$\rightarrow$ Tracking history, Temporary tracking history $\rightarrow$ 2,6
    in$\rightarrow$ Periodic house keeping,  
    in$\rightarrow$ Non-periodic house-keeping,  
    in$\rightarrow$ Window data  
2 omdrifthist 1$\rightarrow$ Temporary tracking history Tracking history plot $\rightarrow$out
3 omthconv in$\rightarrow$Non-periodic house-keeping Tracking history timeseries $\rightarrow$out
4 omprep in $\rightarrow$ Event list, Intermediate event list $\rightarrow$5,6
    in $\rightarrow$ Periodic house keeping,  
    in $\rightarrow$ Non-periodic house-keeping,  
    in $\rightarrow$ Window data  
5 evselect 4$\rightarrow$ Intermediate event list Output raw image $\rightarrow$out
6 omfastshift 1$\rightarrow$ Temporary tracking history, Corrected event list$\rightarrow$ 7,11,12
    4$\rightarrow$ Intermediate event list  
7 omfastflat in$\rightarrow$ In-orbit flat-field, PPS image $\rightarrow$8
    6$\rightarrow$ Intermediate event list PPS flat-field $\rightarrow$out
8 omdetect 7 $\rightarrow$ PPS image Source region (ASCII-file) $\rightarrow$9
      OSW source list $\rightarrow$9,10
9 omatt 8$\rightarrow$ Source region Sky coordinate PPS image $\rightarrow$out
    8$\rightarrow$ OSW source list  
10 omregion 8$\rightarrow$ OSW source list Source region $\rightarrow$11,13
      Background region $\rightarrow$12,13
11 evselect 10$\rightarrow$ Source region Source rates table $\rightarrow$13
    6$\rightarrow$ Intermediate event list  
12 evselect 10$\rightarrow$ Background region Background rates table $\rightarrow$13
    6$\rightarrow$ Intermediate event list  
13 omlcbuild 11$\rightarrow$ Source rates table Light curve table $\rightarrow$14
    10$\rightarrow$ Source region  
    12$\rightarrow$ Background rates table  
    10$\rightarrow$ Background region  
    in$\rightarrow$ Imaging-mode data file (if exists)  
14 lcplot 13$\rightarrow$ light curve table Light curve postscript plot $\rightarrow$15
15 ps2pdf 14$\rightarrow$ Light curve postscript plot Light curve $\rightarrow$out PDF-plot

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