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omfchain (omfchain-1.43.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

All parameters are optional.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
Directory path-name of the input files directory - defaults to the current directory.
Directory path-name of the output files directory - defaults to inpdirectory
Sliding box size for detection by omdetect
Contrast parameter for the source detection algorithm (it is O.K. if $flux \geq confused source / total flux $
Maximum power of 2 to search to by omdetect
Number of $\sigma$ for source detection by omdetect
smoothsizenoreal64$1 \geq$smoothsize$\geq 264$
Smooth size (in pixels) used for smoothing image and background by omdetect
srcradiusnoreal$-6$$-12 \geq$srcradius$\geq12$
Radius of the source extraction circle. If it is negative, it is expressed in pixels, and its value will be fixed during the extraction of counts. If it is positive, it is expressed in FWHMs, and its value could be reduced by omregion if there is any contaminating source near by the target.
Inner radius of the background annulus in terms of source radius (srcradius)
Outer radius of the background annulus in terms of source radius (srcradius)
Size of the time bins (in seconds) for the time series files
Condition for using the background obtained from the accompanying imaging data (passed to the task omlcbuild)
Condition for using PSF-fitting for measuring the photometric parameters of the source by the task omdetect
A count-rate threshold used for limiting the number of sources processed with the PSF-photometry method, required by omdetect
Condition for ignoring the information about the presence of the modulo-8 noise around the source (if it is found)
Condition for background subtraction
Specifies the usage of attitude data by the task omprep: if set to 0, the attitude data is used according to the system variable SAS_ATTITUDe (either RAF or AHF); if set to 1, the raw attitude data (RAF) averaged over the first 20 seconds of exposure are used, if set to 2 then the raw atitude data are used averaged over the entire exposure. If the tracking history file is not found then the parameter is reset to 2.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

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