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xmmselect (xmmselect-2.67) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]

Selection expression

A wide, editable entry field which contains the boolean selection expression with which evselect shall be invoked when the generation of a product is requested. Below that are two or three push buttons:
button label purpose
PrefSelections If a task group preference with the name PrefSelections exists it will be read and presented in the form of a cascaded submenu structure. Selecting an entry will present the value of the corresponding selection preference in the form of the below illustrated dialog. From there the expression can be accepted or dismissed with the Ok or Cancel button. See below for more details on the PrefSelection preference.
import This brings up a data set browser dialog which allows to select a block (table or array) or an attribute. A selected block is inspected for the presence of DSS specifications. If none are found a corresponding warning dialog shall be presented, otherwise, the DSS specification is read, converted into a selection expression and presented in a dialog as illustrated below. Accepting this with either Import (AND) or Import (OR) will combine the expression with the current total selection expression in the indicated manner through logical AND (&&) or OR (||) respectively. Pushing Cancel will disregard the expression. Selecting an attribute in the data set browser behaves in the same manner, i.e., the value will be read and presented in the dialog from where it can be accepted or rejected.
clear delete any currently defined selection expression and re-initializes the entry field


Figure: Dialog to accept/rejected imported or preference selection expressions.

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