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emevents (emevents-8.8) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents warnings and errors generated by this task (if any). Note that warnings and errors can also be generated in the SAS infrastructure libraries, in which case they would not be documented here. Refer to the index of all errors and warnings available in the HTML version of the SAS documentation.

 output event file name = input events file name
 newoutput = no (overwrite) and ODF-style events file
 Not event list extension name in events file
 Not EPIC MOS extension name in events file
 invalid event file from other node
 column of unknown type in events file
 frame number in events file outside those in frames file
 non-regular frame numbers in frames file
 frame numbers not parallel for both nodes
 invalid frame file from other node
 unexpected EDUTHR in events file
 unexpected EDUMODE in events file
 Imaging mode data and EDUMODE not 3
 Timing mode data and EDUMODE not 1
 Reduced Imaging mode data and EDUMODE not 2
 more than 2 events created out of one in CUT_BAD
 flagtruncatede1=Y but no offset/variance extension
 flagbadpixels=Y but missing/invalid bad pixels extension in events file. Option is ignored
corrective action: run badpix on input event file
 splitdiagonals=Y or rejectbade3=Y but data not in Imaging mode. Option is ignored
corrective action: none
 analysepatterns=Y, flagbadpixels=Y, splitdiagonals=Y or othereventset is set but the input file already went through emevents. Option is ignored
corrective action: restart from the output of emframes and badpix if you wish to reapply EV_REC, CUT_BAD, DIAGO or BINODAL
 randomizetime=Y but data in Timing mode. Option is ignored
corrective action: none
 analysepatterns=Y, flagbadpixels=Y or flagtruncatede1=Y but data in Compressed Timing mode. Option is ignored
corrective action: none
 analysepatterns=Y but flagbadpixels=N and othereventset is nt set. Option is ignored
corrective action: none
 no FLAG in frame file. Skip CUT_GTI
corrective action: check what went wrong in emframes
 CR_DEAD not run on frame file. Continue assuming no dead time.
corrective action: run emframes with setdeadtime=Y
 no GATTIVAL column in input frame file. Skip SP_GATTI
corrective action: run emframes with setgatti=Y
 The CHECKFRA keyword is not set in the frame file. Continue anyway
corrective action: check that the frame file was processed by emframes
 the input frame file cannot be used. CUT_GTI, PUT_TI/PUT_TT and SP_GATTI are skipped
corrective action: the input frame file should be the output of emframes. Check what went wrong in emframes
 writegattispecset=Y but GATTI off. Continue but no GATTI histogram will be produced
corrective action: none
 no FLAG in secondary frame file. Continue assuming all frames from secondary node are valid
corrective action: check what went wrong in emframes
 no offset/variance extension but flagbadpixels=Y, rejectrows=Y or othereventset is set. Assume constant and continue. This is non standard but has no major effect
corrective action: consider restarting from the output of emframes and badpix
 offset/variance file does not exist. Continue
corrective action: check this was not a typing error
 no valid offset/variance file but flagbadpixels=Y, rejectrows=Y, flagtruncatede1=Y or othereventset is set. Continue using offsets from CAL
corrective action: if you really need specific offsets, look for them in neighbouring ODFs
 no compatible offset/variance file older than current exposure. Consider files obtained after current exposure
corrective action: check you have not forgotten an OVE.FIT file
 more than 90% events rejected. Continue. This is unusual but may happen in normal conditions
corrective action: check the log (with verbosity set to 4 at least) to know why those events were rejected
 no event survived CUT_BAD and EV_REC
corrective action: check nothing went wrong
 blocksize smaller than number of events in a single frame. blocksize is increased internally
corrective action: this is often the sign that something is deeply wrong with at least one frame. check NVALID in the frame file and remove the events belonging to frames with very large NVALID
 PUT_XY was already applied before. This changes the RAWX and RAWY columns and may not be applied twice. EV_REC, CUT_BAD and BINODAL may not be reapplied either
corrective action: restart from the output of emframes and badpix if you wish to reapply PUT_XY
 rejectrows=Y but PUT_XY not applied. REJECT_ROWS not done
corrective action: run emevents with setcoordinates=Y
 Exposure loss exceeds 1% at some rows (not corrected for)
corrective action: run emevents with -V 6 to know which
 ENERGYE1 incoherent with GATTI and offsets. Flag event for rejection and continue. This may affect the flare screening light curve, and may also leave a bump in the spectrum above 12 keV
corrective action:
  • if this warning is isolated, don't worry
  • if this is an early observation (revolution 102 or before), or a mode other than full frame, then you probably need specific offsets. Restart emevents with offvarsets set to the list of all OVE.FIT files in the ODF
  • if several happen in close sequence, it usually means that the frame number reconstruction in emframes failed at some point. The flare screening light curve will be wrong in that interval unless this is the central CCD
  • if several happen along the whole exposure, but at the same X or Y, inform SOC (this is most likely a CCF error)

 invalid RAWX, RAWY or PATTERN. Reject that event. This can only be the result of an error on board, in the transmission or on the ground
corrective action: if several of those happen in close sequence, check ODF quality around those frames
 something went wrong in the Si fluorescence recognition. This affects a very small fraction of events
corrective action: contact developer
 a bad pixel has invalid coordinates. Ignore it and continue
corrective action: inform SOC (this is probably a CCF error)
 the events file is empty. Continue anyway (the exposure may be useful)
corrective action: check this is normal
 offvarsets was set but the input file already went through emevents. Option ignored
corrective action: restart from the output of emframes and badpix if you wish to change the offsets
 events were found beyond the last frame in the frame file. They are rejected
corrective action: check the frame file was complete
 an event was found with invalid frame number. It will be rejected
corrective action: check quality of neighbouring events as well
 invalid or absent DATE-OBS keyword in file. Continue setting the date to 01/01/2000. This is used only for ordering event and offsets files
corrective action: check DATE-OBS keyword

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2021-11-30