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emldetect (emldetect-7.8) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]

Output Files

  1. PPS product (to be read by task srcmatch): EPIC emldetect source list
  2. Optionally: source maps (one output image per input image)

Table 2: Columns of the output source table
ML_ID_SRC emldetect source number
BOX_ID_SRC corresponding eboxdetect input source number
ID_INST instrument ID; 1: PN, 2: MOS1, 3: MOS2; 0: summary row
ID_BAND energy band number (band number 0: summary band)
ID_CLUSTER cluster id; sources fit simultaneously have same number
SCTS source counts
SCTS_ERR source counts error
X_IMA source image pixel X coordinate
X_IMA_ERR error of image pixel X coordinate
Y_IMA source image pixel Y coordinate
Y_IMA_ERR error of image pixel Y coordinate
EXT source extent, gaussian sigma or beta model core radius (image pixel)
EXT_ERR extent error
DET_ML likelihood of detection
EXT_ML likelihood of extent
BG_MAP background at source location (counts/pixel)
EXP_MAP exposure, PSF-weighted mean of the subimages around the source
  (seconds, vignetting corrected)
FLUX source flux (cgs units)
FLUX_ERR source flux error
RATE source count rate (counts/sec)
RATE_ERR count rate error
RA source right ascension (degrees)
DEC source declination (degrees)
RADEC_ERR combined R.A.-Dec. error (arcsec)
LII source galactic longitude (degrees)
BII source galactic latitude (degrees)
RAWX raw X source coordinate
RAWY raw Y source coordinate
OFFAX off-axis angle (arcsec)
CCDNR chip number
HRi ($1 \leq$ i $\leq 4$) hardness ratios 1..4
HRi_ERR ($1 \leq$ i $\leq 4$) hardness ratio error
CUTRAD source cut out radius
MASKFRAC PSF weighted on-chip fraction
EFF encircled energy fraction
VIGNETTING vignetting
ONTIME Integration time of the CCD, not vignetting corrected. Set to NULL, if CCD
  no. is not defined (i.e. source center on bad pixels, gaps, damaged/noisy CCDs)
PILEUP pile-up level of the detection in the active instrument configuration
DIST_NN distance to nearest neighbour (arcsec)
FLAG quality flag placeholder (to be set by dpssflag)
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