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emldetect (emldetect-7.8) [xmmsas_20230412_1735-21.0.0]


subroutine emldetect

Read in EBOXDETECT source list (map detect) and 
  sort by source count rate
  Loop over sorted source list (begin with brightest source):

    Selection of sources for simultaneous multi-source fitting:  
      1) Search close neighbours within source cut radius of 
         current source. Don't consider sources which have been
         processed already; mark selected sources as processed.         
      2) Repeat (1) for each close neighbour until the maximum
         number of sources for simultaneous fitting (max. 8; specified
         in parameter file) is reached. I.e., the selection of additional
         sources for the multi-source fitting terminates when either the 
         maximum number of sources (parameter max_fit) is reached or 
         when no additional sources fulfil the distance criterium 
         (parameter scut). 
    Determine data area (2d-mask array) to be used for multi-source fitting:
      Loop over mask array: Set to 1 if pixel is (a) within event cut 
      radius of selected source and (b) within the area marked in the
      detection mask; set to 0 otherwise.     
    Read in data:
    Fill (x, y, count) data records: 
       Binned mode: 
          x,y:   image pixel coordinates
          count: number of events in pixel               
       Single photon mode:
          x,y:   event coordinates

    Feed data records, background maps, and exposure maps
      into Maximum Likelihood PSF fitting algorithm:  
    Use Marquarth-algorithm to minimize likelihood function of 
      multi-source PSF fit.
    Remove sources from fit which do not significantly improve 
      goodness of fit (required improvement in likelihood specified 
      by parameter mlmin).

    Set source extent to 0 if extent does not significantly improve
      goodness of fit (required improvement in likelihood specified
      by parameter dmlextmin).

    Add best-fit source models (PSF + source extent) to background 
      maps. I.e., sources which have already been fitted by the program 
      are treated as background for the remaining sources. Note that
      the sources are processed in the order of decreasing count rate
      such that all the bright sources will have been modeled into the
      background map once the weak sources are processed. 

    If likelihood of detection exceeds threshold THEN
      Write source parameters to EMLDETECT source list. 
      Add fluxes and hardness ratios.
    END IF

  END Loop  

end subroutine emldetect

XMM-Newton SOC -- 2023-04-16