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slconv (slconv-2.6.1) [xmmsas_20211130_0941-20.0.0]


This section documents the parameters recognized by this task (if any).

ParameterMand Type Default Constraints
The name of the FITS dataset+table which contains the input source list. If the colon + table name is not given, the first table in the dataset is used.
The name of the column from which to read the Right Ascensions of the sources.
The name of the column from which to read the Declinations of the sources.
The unit to employ when reading racolumn and deccolumn. NOTE that hdms (ie hh:mm:ss etc) is not yet supported.
Source selection expression, possibly involving column names, keyword values or constants. See selectlib for the grammar. Only those sources for which the expression evaluates to TRUE are plotted. The default (an empty string) is TRUE for all sources.
Switch which specifies whether the source list (after filtering with expression) should be truncated at some maximum number, specified by parameter ncut.
If a truncation of the size of the source list is desired (ie if withncut=yes), the list must first be sorted according to some criterion. The task evaluates ncutsortexpression and sorts the sources in decreasing order of the result. The parameter ncut is then read and only the first ncut sources (in their sorted order) are plotted.
Maximum number of sources to plot. This parameter has no effect when withncut=no.
This parameter specifies an arithmetical expression, possibly involving column names, keyword values or constants. The result is used to scale the radii of the plotted circles.
The radii of the source circles are taken from the result of the expression supplied to parameter radiusexpression; but this result can either be used directly (radiusstyle=`raw', the default) or the value may be processed in an `intelligent' manner by the task (radiusstyle=`auto'). The `auto' routine attempts to choose the extrema and distribution of the circle radii so as to give a visually pleasing result.
Switch which specifies whether labels should be added to the output.
This parameter is read by the task if withlabels=`yes' and controls how source labels are assigned. See the description of this parameter in subsection 3.6 but, briefly: if labelstyle=`expr', the task uses the values generated by evaluation of the column expression supplied to labelexpression directly as label text; for labelstyle=`sortedint', the labels are constrained to be a sequence of positive integers, assigned according to the setting of the parameter labelsortstyle.
This parameter controls how integer-sequence source labels are assigned - that is, it is read by the task only if labelstyle=`sortedint'. See the description of this parameter in subsection 3.6 but, briefly: if labelsortstyle = `expr', the task evaluates sortexpression and assigns the (integer-valued) labels in decreasing order of the result; if labelsortstyle = `radius', the integers increase with decreasing source circle radius; whereas if labelsortstyle = `rownumber', the sequence of integers merely reflects the row number of the source entry in the (filtered, not original) source list.
This parameter is active only if labelstyle = `sortedint' and labelsortstyle = `expr'. In this case the task evaluates sortexpression and assigns the (integer-valued) labels in decreasing order of the result.
This parameter is active if labelstyle = `expr'. Eventually the task will be able to accept in this parameter an expression involving several numeric-valued columns, evaluate the expression, and set source labels from the result; however at present it cannot do this: you can only supply names of single columns from the source list. String-valued columns are also allowed in this case.
Colour of the plotted circle + label. Available colours are black|white|red|green|blue|cyan|purple|yellow.
Shape of the plotted region. Available shapes are circle|box|diamond|ellipse|boxcircle.
This parameter controls the output format. At present only ds9 or gaia formats are available. Note that this parameter is not case-sensitive.
extragaiacolumnsnostring listRADEC_ERR RATE 
This contains a list of extra column names to be copied to the gaia output file. It is of course only read if outputstyle=`gaia'.
The user has the facility to supply just a file prefix (outfilestyle=`prefix'), in which case the post-period suffix is set to `reg' for ds9 files and `gaia' for gaia files, or to supply the full file name (outfilestyle=`whole').
Prefix of the output file name. This is followed by a period and the suffix `reg' or `gaia' for outputstyle=`ds9' or `gaia' respectively. This parameter is read if outfilestyle=`prefix'.
The complete output file name. This parameter is read if outfilestyle=`whole'.
ParameterMand Type Default Constraints

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