XMM-Newton 2021 Science Workshop
Poster Display

The X-ray emission of Intermediate-mass T Tauri stars.
M. Diaz Teodori
The Normal-incidence Extreme Ultraviolet Photometer (NExtUP)
J. Drake
A search of planet companions of white dwarfs with XMM-Newton
S. Estrada-Dorado
Stars and planets formation in the starburst cluster Westerlund 1 from the EWOCS project
M. Guarcello
MHD Effects of the Stellar Wind on Observations of Escaping Exoplanet Atmospheres
L. Harbach
The impact of time-dependent stellar activity on the atmospheric chemistry and observability of exoplanets
A. Louca
A statistical search for Star-Planet Interaction in the UltraViolet using GALEX
M. Narang
Helium observations of exoplanet atmospheres are connected to stellar coronal abundances
K. Poppenhaeger
The first high contrast images of near X-ray binaries
M. Prasow-Émond
Rapidly Rotating Pre-main-sequence M Dwarfs with Highly Structured Light Curves
L. Rebull
Using Lyman-Alpha transits to provide insight into atmospheric escape
E. Schreyer
Radiation-Hydrodynamic multi-species escape from Hot Jupiters
M. Schulik
"Reading between the lines": Probing magnetospheric accretion, winds, and the innermost disk with emission line tomography
A. Sicilia-Aguilar
Flaring water masers associated with star with exoplanets IRAS 16293-2422
A. Volvach
SEEJ: SmallSat Exosphere Explorer of Hot Jupiters
S. Wolk