XMM-Newton Data Files Handbook

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5.3.5 Scope: rgs

There will be two instances of each of these files for RGS1 and RGS2, respectively.

Calibration type: ADUConv
Description: Coefficients tables and model to convert PHA to energy

Calibration type: Background
Description: Background model; superseded by TemplateBckgnd (see below)

Calibration type: BadPix
Description: Table of bad (hot/dead/flickering/pin hole) CCD pixels

Calibration type: CalSourceData
Description: Data relative to the on-board calibration sources: energies, reference pulse heights intensity maps, CCD images

Calibration type: ClockPatterns
Description: CCD read out clock patterns

Calibration type: CoolPix
Description: List of Y Columns that do not always record the full energy (=Cool Columns)

Calibration type: CrossPSF
Description: Parametrised point spread function in the cross dispersion direction

Calibration type: CTI
Description: Coefficients to correct for the CCD charge transfer inefficiency

Calibration type: DarkFrame
Description: Dark frame images of A CCD (on a per node basis) for the baseline frame time, with associated statistical information

Calibration type: EffAreaCorr
Description: Effective area model as a function of time (in MJD units)

Calibration type: EXAFS
Description: Table of relative correction factors for the CCD quantum efficiency as a function of energy

Calibration type: HKParmInt
Description: Housekeeping and auxiliary science parameter ranges used to generate good time intervals

Calibration type: LinCoord
Description: Data required to transform from pixel to physical coordinates on the CCD

Calibration type: LineSpreadFunc
Description: Parametrised line spread function

Calibration type: MiscData
Description: Miscellaneous coefficients

Calibration type: ModeParam
Description: Summary of observation mode parameters

Calibration type: PatternLib
Description: RGS pattern library

Calibration type: QuantumEf
Description: CCD quantum efficiency and grating plates reflection efficiency, RGA intercept and obscuration factors

Calibration type: TemplateBckgnd
Description: Background Spectra Templates. The 16 extensions (spec_1 for 1st and spec_2 for 2nd order) stand for 16 defined levels of background.

Calibration type: SaaCorr
Description: Sun Angle correction to the RGS Wavelength scale

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