XMM-Newton Data Files Handbook

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5.3.6 Scope: om

There will be one instance of each of these files.

Calibration type: AstroMet
Description: Contains the definition of the linear detector grid as keywords in the extension headers and the deviations of pixel positions from ideal (i.e., flat grid) locations

Calibration type: BadPix
Description: Table of bad pixels, listing the position, the type of defect and the severity level

Calibration type: ColorTrans
Description: Contains the coefficients for the colour transformation, i.e., the transformation from the natural into a standard system, including the instrument zero point

Calibration type: DarkFrame
Description: Contains the dark current map. It comprises one image extension holding a map at full resolution

Calibration type: DiffuseGala
Description: Contains information (image and spectrum) on diffuse galactic emissions

Calibration type: GrismCal
Description: Grism Calibration (Wavelength and flux)

Calibration type: HKParmInt
Description: House keeping parameter ranges used to generate good time intervals

Calibration type: LinCoord
Description: Data required to transform from pixel to physical coordinates on the CCD

Calibration type: LargeScaleSens
Description: Contains the non-uniformity correction maps describing the large-scale sensitivity variations of the combination filter plus detector

Calibration type: PhotToNat
Description: Conversion curve coefficients to correct count rates for detector effects

Calibration type: PixToPixSens
Description: Contains map, describing the non-uniformity of the detector flatfield response

Calibration type: PSF1DRB
Description: Describes the radial point spread function for each filter at 10 different ratios of count-rate/framerate

Calibration type: QuickMag
Description: Lookup table for a rough count to magn. conversion for different spectral types

Calibration type: Zodiacal
Description: Contains the intensity map and average spectrum of the zodiacal light

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