XMM-Newton Data Files Handbook

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XMM-Newton Data Files Handbook


May 23, 2016

Issue 4.6

Revision history

Revision number Date Revision author Comments
Issue 4.6 May 23, 2016 J.-U. Ness Add additional pipeline products
Issue 4.5 February 15, 2016 J.-U. Ness Add Naming convention for Instr. Modes and Filters
Issue 4.4 October 19, 2015 J.-U. Ness Update of Time Reference Frame in Appendix A.
Issue 4.3 May 28, 2015 J.-U. Ness Incl. opt. GTI ext. for time filtering; new PPS product
Issue 4.2 January 28, 2014 J.-U. Ness Include Mosaic ODFs, update PPS, update CCF
Issue 4.1 January 28, 2011 J.-U. Ness Include descriptions of Slew and RadMon data
Issue 4.0 September, 2009 J.-U. Ness Revised Public Release
Issue 3.1 December, 2004 M. Guainazzi Fifth public Issue (with SAS 6.1)
Issue 3.0.1 March 2004 M. Guainazzi Definition of Reconstructed Time Correlation added
Issue 3.0 February 2004 M. Guainazzi Fourth public issue (with SAS 6.0)
Issue 2.3 February, 2002 M. Guainazzi Third public issue (with SAS 5.3)
Issue 2.2 June, 2001 M. Guainazzi Typo in the ODF file name convention corrected
Issue 2.1 February, 2001 M. Guainazzi Update for the new content of data CD-ROMs
Issue 2.0 January, 2001 M. Guainazzi Second public issue (with SAS 5.0)
Issue 1.0 July, 2000 M. Guainazzi First public issue (with SAS 4.1)
Draft 3.0 January, 2000 M. Guainazzi Third draft
Draft 2.0 November, 1999 M. Guainazzi Second draft
Draft 1.0 March, 1999 M. Santos-Lleó First draft

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