Calibration Access and Data Handbook

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Routines of the Calibration Access Layer

This section does not intend to substitute the detailed CAL API Guide, it rather is an integral part of the overall description of the CAL. During the development it is used as input to the definition of the CAL.

It is TBD in many cases, whether certain variables will be implemented as input arguments, or CAL State Variables. A final decision will be left to the implementation, and the documentation of the CAL should be consulted.

Possible users are strongly advised not to refer directly to the CCF constituents, as in most of the cases the actual calibration quantity is produced by the appropriate CAL function, in combination with data from one or more CCF constituents. For this reason a utility called calview is provided as part of the SAS, in order to enable the user to investigate the calibration quantities in a transparent manner.


Michael Smith 2011-09-20