XMM-Newton Users Handbook

XMM-Newton Users Handbook

Issue 2.22

Prepared by the XMM-Newton Community Support Team with contributions from the entire XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre Team


Extensive contributions from the members of the Instrument Teams, the SSC
and NASA's XMM-Newton Guest Observer Facility are gratefully acknowledged.

Revision history

Revision number Date Revision editor Comments
Issue 2.22 15.07.2024 J. Ebrero Release for AO-24
Issue 2.21 17.07.2023 J. Ebrero Release for AO-23
Issue 2.20 11.07.2022 J. Ebrero Release for AO-22
Issue 2.19 12.07.2021 J. Ebrero Release for AO-21
Issue 2.18 13.07.2020 J. Ebrero Release for AO-20
Issue 2.17 15.07.2019 J. Ebrero Release for AO-19
Issue 2.16 16.07.2018 J. Ebrero Release for AO-18
Issue 2.15 17.07.2017 J. Ebrero Release for AO-17
Issue 2.14 18.07.2016 J. Ebrero Release for AO-16
Issue 2.13 20.07.2015 J. Ebrero Release for AO-15
Issue 2.12 15.07.2014 A. L. Longinotti Release for AO-14
Issue 2.11 23.07.2013 A. L. Longinotti Release for AO-13
Issue 2.10 13.07.2012 E. Piconcelli Release for AO-12
Issue 2.9 19.07.2011 J.-U. Ness Release for AO-11
Issue 2.8 19.07.2010 J.-U. Ness Release for AO-10
Issue 2.7 17.07.2009 J.-U. Ness Release for AO-9
Issue 2.6 15.08.2008 M. Ehle Release for AO-8
Issue 2.5 07.08.2007 M. Ehle Release for AO-7
Issue 2.4 12.07.2006 M. Ehle Release for AO-6
Issue 2.3 08.07.2005 M. Ehle Release for AO-5
Issue 2.2 01.07.2004 M. Ehle Release for AO-4
Issue 2.1 03.03.2003 M. Ehle Release for AO-3
Issue 2.0 15.08.2001 M. Ehle Release for AO-2
Issue 1.2 31.03.2000 M. Ehle Minor updates
Issue 1.1 19.01.1999 M. Dahlem Release of Cal/PV/GT target tables
Issue 1.0 23.09.1998 M. Dahlem Official release
Draft 3.0 August 1998 M. Dahlem Complete draft

Citation: In publishing, refer to this document as:
"XMM-Newton Users Handbook", Issue 2.22, 2024 (ESA: XMM-Newton SOC).

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